Shots Fired Outside an East Side Daycare, Victim Captures Threats on Camera

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A local anti-violence activist is finding herself in the very spot she encourages others to stay away from.

On Thursday, 20-year-old Jamesha Spurlock was arrested and charged with harassment. Her mother, 37- year-old Shantel King was charged with intimidation with a dangerous weapon.

The two are charged in connection with a shooting outside of an in-home daycare within the 3200 block of East 13th Street.

Calvetta Williams says she was watching several young children when a group of people showed up outside of her house looking for trouble. She instantly began recording the incident, in hopes it would provide evidence of her previous claims against Spurlock.

The recording shows Spurlock taunting Williams with a baseball bat, egging her to come outside. Shortly thereafter, Williams says she nearly dropped the phone because a man kicked in the front door.

“I’m scared for (my children) and I’m scared for myself because I think this is going to end badly,” says Williams.

The police say King fired the .380 Ruger handgun. Spurlock is the mother of Williams’ son's child. Williams says Spurlock began threatening her several days ago over custody of the child.

Williams founded the organization Mothers Against Violence in 2013. After the incident, she claims she’s receiving an adverse reaction from others for not fighting back.

“I have helped these people and now I am the bad person because if I was with the violence I would have shot them," says Williams. "I don’t condone bad stuff. Anybody who knows me knows that."

She worries the violence at her home will be viewed as hypocritical and keep others from trusting her anti-violence efforts within the community.

“Mothers Against Violence is not a job for me. It’s in my heart. I pay for it with earning from my daycare and now my earnings from my daycare are in jeopardy because I have violence at my house.”

King told police the reason she fired her gun was because Jerry Berry Jr., Williams' brother,  fired a gun at her first from the doorway of the house. Police say evidence does not back up that claim. Berry was not charged.