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Iowa Forum: Mike Sherzan Discusses Minimum Wage, Equal Pay and Trade

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Sixteen counties make up Iowa’s Third Congressional District, and three challengers hope to unseat their Republican representative.

A businessman, an entrepreneur and a soldier — they’re all trying to become the Democratic nominee.

Before they get your vote, the candidates answer your questions on this week’s Iowa Forum.

Decision time is three weeks from Tuesday.

Democrats pick their nominee, who they hope can go all the way to Congress.

Mike Sherzan thinks he’s the best of the Democratic contenders and better than the current Republican Congressman David Young.

Part 1 — Minimum Wage and Equal Pay

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Part 2 -- Paying for Kids

We love our kids, but from the time they're really young and all the way through school to college, the costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

In 2013-2014, the average student loan debt in Iowa was $29,732, the eighth highest in the nation.

See what Sherzan plans to make it all more affordable.

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Part 3 -- The Future of Trade and Unions

Congress gets to be part of our national conversation on trade.

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have found success bashing recent trade deals, like NAFTA. They say opening up foreign markets in some cases has cost American jobs as American companies have moved to cheaper labor countries like Mexico and China

Sherzan discusses whether free trade is good trade for us and what's happened to the unions.

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Part 4 -- Why Mike Sherzan?

A seat in Congress means you're one of 435 people in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It's not easy to get your ideas passed, and most people have a very low opinion of the jobs our congressional members are doing.

Sherzan shares his unique ideas that he says show he deserves the seat.

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Submit Your Questions

Before they get your vote, the candidates answer your questions on this week’s Iowa Forum. Submit your question on the WHO Facebook page or on the post below.

Wednesday: Jim Mowrer

Thursday: Desmund Adams

Hear their plans for your paycheck, your education, and Iowa’s agricultural economy.

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