Iowa Corn Nearly All Planted

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There were 5.5 days were good for fieldwork according to the USDA Iowa Crop Progress report..
Nearly all the corn is in the ground, 96% planted, two days ahead of last year and nearly a week ahead of the five year average. Of that, 75% has emerged, the same as last year but four days ahead of normal, and 73% of the corn is rated good to excellent.
There were some scattered reports of corn being replanted in northern Iowa.
Farmers were very busy last week, about 30% of beans were planted, at 74% done, a week ahead of last year and the five-year average.
About 21% of beans have emerged, behind last year, but on pace with the average.
Surplus soil moisture levels fell across the state about five percent.
It was a pretty big contrast between two weeks ago, when there was a lot of rain, to this last week, where it was pretty dry.
There was some rain but it was mostly in the southern third of the state.
But looking at rainfall as a whole this spring, some parts of Iowa has got a lot others not as much.
State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says that hasn't hurt planting progress too much, "It's just been quite a contrast in rainfall west to east across Iowa, with the west getting the most and the east the least and now planting's getting wrapped up in some areas, I'm sure a lot of farmers will be hoping to get some you know, good rain fall to get things going."