Rob Hogg on the Water Works Lawsuit

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On this edition of the Insiders, we’ll hear from all four Iowa Democrats who think they should be in the U.S. Senate instead of Republican long-timer Chuck Grassley.

They make their case on how we haven't done enough for our veterans, the environment or the mentally ill. In the Insiders Quick Six, Channel 13 Political Director Dave Price will give his analysis on who he thinks is likely to come out on top in this race and two other contested contests on primary night.

Let's start with Rob Hogg. He's a state senator, attorney and author of a book about climate change.

Price asked him about the lawsuit brought on by the Des Moines Water Works. That entity provides water to about half a million people.

It's suing three counties north of Des Moines: Calhoun, Buena Vista and Sac counties.

Water workers claim farm runoff floods water with nitrates that come downstream. Then, Water Works has to use extra treatment because of nitrates. It's planning to spend $70 million to expand its nitrate removal facilities.

Price wanted to know from Hogg whether he supports that lawsuit after other talks to reach a compromise failed.

Hear what Hogg says in his above interview on the Iowa Forums edition of the Insiders.

Up next…

Patty Judge joins us on Part 2 for where she says we've let down an increasing number of people diagnosed with mental illnesses. She said it’s especially bad at home in Iowa.

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