More Opposition To Massive Agribusiness Merger

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The proposed merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont Pioneer still has strong opposition from farm and antitrust groups. They argue the merger would stop seed innovation, raise prices, and reduce choices for farmers and consumers.

The Justice Department is getting requests to kill the idea.
While Dow and DuPont see savings, efficiency increases, and few regulatory problems.
The American Farm Bureau Federation hasn't weight in formally on the DowDuPont proposal or the Bayer takeover of Monsanto, but Executive Director Dale Moore says there are concerns.

He says, "From our perspective, the key component of all of this is, you know, do they continue to provide cutting edge technology at an affordable price and in a competitive marketplace that's what we're looking for."The American Antitrust Institute, Food and Water Watch, and the National Farmers Union say competition would suffer as well as innovation.

DowDuPont technology would control 76 percent of the corn market and 66 percent of beans.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is looking into the deal, "I've been concerned with the consolidation in agriculture sectors for quite some time and this predates by decades for what we're talking about with Dow and DuPont. So, I try to be on top of these things to make sure that we have adequate competition to protect the farmers."

Grassley says Congress has not stopped a merger for years but the Justice Department has done so in a handful of recent cases.
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