Relatives of Murder Victim Give Impact Statements to Man Convicted, Courts

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- 31-year-old Patrick Kirwan was convicted of second-degree murder in April after his first trial initially ended in a mistrial.

On Friday, relatives of his victim, 35-year-old Mark Hhruska, were able to give victim impact statements.

Mark's father, Mike Hruska, and mother, Sharon Hruska, addressed the courts and their son's killer directly.

"You killed a good person, a son, a brother, and a friend," said Mike Hruska.

"It`s something we struggle with every day; trying to wrap our heads around it that mark is gone, he`s dead," said Sharon Hruska.

Kirwan confessed to police that he shot and killed Hruska.

Prosecutors claim it happened because Kirwan had suspicions his girlfriend was having an affair with him.

Kirwan's attorney's claimed he suffers from a mental illness due to post-traumatic stress from his time serving in Iraq, a claim Mike Hruska doesn't buy.

"You could have stayed away and avoided the confrontation altogether," said Mike Hruska. "Instead, you went to Mark`s house with a gun and shot him seven times, four times from the back. You may have served in the armed services but you`re not a hero, that was cowardly."

Hruska's parents both shared memories of Mark and said his life was cut too short because of Kirwan's actions, with both saying forgiving him will be hard.

"Are you even sorry for what you did? That`s what I want to know because all I can see is that it was a senseless murder and you were a cold-blooded killer," said Sharon Hruska.

Kirwan had the opportunity to address the court but chose not the say anything.

He will have to serve a mandatory 35 years of his 50-year sentence before he will be eligible for parole.

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