Nepal Artist Travels to Clive, Sells Artwork to Raise Money for Earthquake Victims

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CLIVE, Iowa -- An artist from Nepal traveled to Clive to sell some of his artwork to raise money for earthquake victims on Sunday.

Ajit Sah sold his artwork in Clive at his host's home.

His artwork is not only used for fundraising, but it also  highlights the connections of Nepali Gods and Goddess legends, myths and their significance to the culture.

All proceeds will be donated to the Iowa Nepalese Association for earthquake relief funds to be used to rebuild a school in Nepal destroyed by the earthquake last year.

Sah's host says what makes his artwork so special is it fits into a genre that everyone knows about all over the world.

"Ajit is known internationally. He's done different workshops and other art museum work in Japan and other places too," Rick Miller said. "So it's not just here in America. We are very fortunate to be able to actually see his work up close and personal."