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3 Puppies Die, 2 Survive After Being Left in Hot Car

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DE SOTO, Iowa -- A local animal rescue rushed five puppies left in a hot car to the hospital over the weekend but only two of them survived.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport says a woman found the puppies in a ditch in Southeastern Iowa. She took them and contacted rescuers, but then left the dogs in her car for about four hours. The pups were in bad shape by the time they made it to Des Moines.

“Brain swelling, kidney issues, things of that nature. The puppies were also having seizures,” described Leah who is the foster coordinator at AHeinz57.

No charges are expected to be filed against the woman who rescuers say made a “big mistake” when she left the rescued puppies in her car.

“The intent was good, but we do not want to leave dogs in hot cars. The temperature can rise on an 80-degree day to 99 degrees in a car in about 40 minutes,” said Leah.

The two Hound mix dogs that survived, Jack and Diane, were released from the hospital Sunday.

The playful pair is going to their foster home Monday evening.

For more information on when they will be ready for adoption or to help with their care, click here for the AHeinz57 website.