Runner Proposes to Girlfriend After ‘Dam to Dam’ Half-Marathon

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Two half-marathon runners have a lot more to smile about after completing the Dam to Dam race this past weekend.

Danny Reetz, 25, had a special surprise for his girlfriend, 24-year-old Morgan Terpstra, after they ran the 13.1-mile race Saturday.

“We had both finished the Dam to Dam half-marathon. With all of our family around, I asked if she wanted to have our picture taken together with the backdrop,” Reetz said. “I was carrying the ring in a towel and when we got up there, she asked me to put it down. That’s when I got down on a knee.”

Terpstra thought Reetz was joking for the picture until he pulled out the ring.

“She took a step backwards and asked if I was serious like three times. I kept saying, ‘yes’ as she started crying. And I was able to put the ring on her finger,” Reetz said.

She said yes.

A friend of the couple took a video of the proposal, which was posted on Facebook.

“We have had more people like the video and photo than I think we know,” Reetz said.

Terpstra was a student at Simpson and Reetz had just come back from his second deployment to Afghanistan in the Marine Corps when they met.

After dating for four years, Reetz said he has been planning the proposal for about two months.