Strawberry Season At Farmers Market

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Farmers markets are back up and running across Iowa.
At the stand of Dave Hinegardner of Hinegardner's Orchard, he had just sold out 80 flats of his strawberries.
Strawberry season in Iowa is the first of June to around the middle of June. Hinegardner had picked his strawberries the day before, which he says was a little early for him.
Hinegardner says, "Usually we have strawberries the sixth of June is the average, this year is a little bit earlier because of a little earlier, warmer spring than normal. So we cover our strawberries with corn stocks to keep them from freezing and keep it from starting to grow too early. Because a lot of time they'll start to grow too early and then they'll blossom and then you'll have a frost that will kill them and so we try to hold them back a little bit, but this year they were trying to grow up through the cover and so we uncovered them about a week earlier than normal."
Hinegardner's Orchard is in Montour Iowa, east of Marshalltown. He has about 30 acres of orchard, which is open to sell their products.