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Report: Sanders Campaign Poised to Lay Off Large Amount of Staff

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Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is about to undergo a significant reduction in staff, The New York Times reported Tuesday night.

A top campaign official would neither confirm or deny the report to CNN. But notably, as the presidential race reaches the end of the primary season, the campaign has not moved to staff key general election battleground states, and little appears in the works beyond recent promises to fight on to the convention.

The news comes as Hillary Clinton embraced her presumptive nominee status, after a decisive win in New Jersey on the race’s final Super Tuesday contests. Clinton is the first ever female major party nominee.

The Times, citing two unnamed sources, reports many of the layoffs will be of the advance staff who handle campaign logistics and field staff who work in the states to garner the votes.

One former Sanders staffer described it to CNN more as jobs ending, as opposed to being laid off. There are no more states and little money, the staffer said.

Field staff have been leaving over the last few days, as there are fewer events to plan and carry out.

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