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Breakdown of Today’s Primaries, Candidates

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U.S. Senate Primary

Incumbent Sen. Chuck Grassley is running unopposed in Tuesday's Primary. But on the other side, it’s a packed house as four Democrats are running to challenge Grassley:

Tom Fiegen has been a state senator, an attorney and he also ran for the U.S. Senate six years ago. Watch Fiegen on the Iowa Forums with Dave Price.

Bob Krause has worked as a state lawmaker for education, transportation and defense. Krause joins us as a U.S. Senate candidate for the second time. Watch Krause on the Iowa Forums.

Patty Judge has been a nurse, a real-estate broker and lieutenant governor. She now wants to be Iowa’s next U.S. senator. Watch Judge on the Iowa Forums.

Rob Hogg is a Senator from Cedar Rapids. Watch Hogg on the Iowa Forums.

Dr. Rachel Paine Caufield, a professor at Drake University, says this election is unique for Grassley.

“Grassley is more vulnerable this time around than he has been in several cycles now. He is in the national spotlight and clearly the democrats are taking advantage of that, particularly Patty Judge. Come November, this could be a tighter race for him than he's had in a long time. Ultimately incumbents are so favored in this process that I feel he has reason to feel good about it,” said Caufield.

Fourth Congressional District

In Iowa's Fourth Congressional District, Senator Rick Bertrand is looking to make history. He’s challenging incumbent Steve King, who is up for his eighth term.

No Iowa congressman has lost a primary in 68 years.

Third Congressional District

Republican David Young is coming off his first term in office. He will run against Joe Grandanette in the Republican primary.

Three Democrats hope to face the Republican challenger in November:

Desmund Adams will tell you upfront that his teen years were a struggle. He dropped out of high school, but he found his way, earned a degree and now owns an executive search committee. Watch Adams on the Iowa Forums.

Jim Mowrer grew up in Boone, served in the Iraq War, came back and worked for the Iowa Democratic Party. Now, he’s making his second run for Congress. Watch Mowrer on the Iowa Forums.

Mike Sherzan thinks he’s the best of the Democratic contenders and better than the current Republican Congressman David Young. Watch Sherzan on the Iowa Forums.

How to Vote

We have your go-to guide on how, where and when to vote in today's primaries.

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