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Boone County To Remove Damaged Bridge from the Des Moines River

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Wagon Wheel Bridge damaged by ice jams last winter. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Wagon Wheel Bridge in Boone County over the Des Moines River was damaged by ice jams last winter. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

OGDEN, Iowa- The Wagon Wheel Bridge will be partially removed from across the Des Moines River between Ogden, and Boone.

According to Boone County Engineer, Scott Kruse, crews will be working on the river next week, so remove two sections of the bridge. Last winter an ice jam caused the bridge to collapse.

Boone County will be paying Hulcher Services $11,000 a day to remove the sections from the water, so it can be opened up for boating and tubing. It is uncertain how long it will take to remove, and haul away the damaged portions of the bridge.

One section of the bridge will be left, as it is unsafe to move, due to high water.

Hulcher Services is a contractor which specializes in cleaning up railroad derailment. The company is based in Texas, but has a Bondurant office.

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