Orlando Shooting Survivor’s Family Thanks ‘Guardian Angel’

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Rodney Sumter was bartending in Orlando's Pulse nightclub when he was hit by bullets in his arms and back.

Now Rodney's aunt and grandmother are thanking the work of a guardian angel who helped save his life.

Joshua McGill remembers being inside Pulse when shots rang out.

"There's shots fired left and right, with brief pauses in between each one. People started to yell, scream, jump the fence," McGill recalled.

The 26-year-old was enjoying a night with friends when gunman Omar Mateen went on a shooting spree, killing 49 people and wounding dozens more.

"We're running through the parking lot when and I hear more shots and I just jumped under a car. I jumped because I didn't want to get shot through the crossfire," McGill said.

It was near that car that McGill ran into Rodney Sumter.

"He was like 'I think I got shot!' and I see blood everywhere and there was so much blood on me," McGill said.

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