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Iowa State University To Replace G-Nome Statues

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AMES, Iowa -- Once controversial, G-Nomes statues on the Iowa State University Molecular Biology Building are coming down.

However, they will be replaced.

Four terra-cotta statues erected when the building opened in 1992 caused some controversy over what is art, and what is not. Years later the fuss has died down. The 3,000-pound statues are crumbling, which is the reason they are being replaced.

The Minneapolis Artist, Andrew Leicester, who created the original statues, will create four new G-Nomes built from stainless steel, and painted, to look like the current statues.

University Museum’s Director and Chief Curator, Lynette Pohlman said one of the new G-Nomes will be on display at the Iowa State University Booth at the Iowa State Fair.

In late August after the Fair, the old terra-cotta G-Nomes will come down and the new ones will be put in place.

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