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Iowa Board of Regents Approve $250 Tuition Increase

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AMES, Iowa -- The Iowa Board of Regents has approved a tuition increase to try to offset funds which were not approved by the Iowa Legislature.

Regent Larry McKibben proposed a $250 increase instead of $300, which was approved unanimously. Regent Chair Bruce Rastetter said he talked with University Presidents, and they said they could operate with that increase.

Several Regents and ISU President Steven Leath all said the schools need to find a better, more predictable model to help the schools do their budgets.

This year Iowa Universities asked for an increase of funding of $20 million. The governor proposed an $8 million increase, and in the end, the schools were given $6 million.

"What I would say to parents is that this board is concerned about student debt. We continue to have initiatives but we're also concerned about outcomes and the quality of education,” said Rastetter. “We will move to act to manage that so they can graduate and get a degree that they can be proud of and they can get a job.”

"I'm asking the board and our institutions to take a deep analytical look at the way in which we set tuition thinking,” said Regent Rachael Johnson. “Our new strategic plan, our first priority is to ensure success, third priority is to promote the affective use of resources.”

Rastetter said he asked the individual presidents of the schools if they could get by with a $50 lower tuition increase, and they said they would be able to. The lower amount will mean $500,000 less for UNI, $750,000 less for the University of Iowa, and $1 million less at Iowa State.

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