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Officer Killings in Baton Rouge, Dallas on Mind of Waukee Police Department

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The incident in Baton Rouge and the murders of five officers in Dallas have been on the minds of police officers across the nation, including in one of the safest communities in the Des Moines metro.

"You know, I`ve been in law enforcement for 33 years and I've never seen the environment in which we work in this difficult," said Chief John Quinn of the Waukee Police Department.

Five officers killed in Dallas, three officers killed in Baton Rouge, all targeted for their uniform.

Even in a city that last year had it's first homicide in 38 years, the department has taken note of the past few week's violence.

"We don`t face the issues that a lot of these major departments do, but still, we have to worry about the safety and the welfare of our officers every time they get deployed on their shift," said Chief Quinn.

While the department hasn't changed the way they police.

"You`re a little bit extra heightened, you`re a little bit extra cautious just with everything going on but at the same time we have a job to do and we`re not going to back down from doing our job," said Officer Brian Murra of the Waukee Police Department.

The chief has been reminding officers about the danger that could exist.

They`ve got to be vigilant, they`ve got to be careful, they have to watch out for when they engage the community members," said Chief Quinn.

Chief Quinn says policing needs to change as a whole.

"Certainly, law enforcement has to do things better, we`ve got to become more efficient, more effective, we`ve got to become more transparent in our policing operations," said Chief Quinn.

But so does the violence against the police.

"These officers, they care deeply about the people they serve, the people they protect and to target these officers just because they`re wearing a uniform, it`s unacceptable," said Cheif Quinn.

As of 2015, the website Safewise.com listed Waukee as the ninth safest community in Iowa.

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