Senators Look At Food Security In Farm Bill

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Iowa Senator Joni Ernst toured the Food Bank of Iowa in July to learn about hunger here and how they deal with the estimated one of eight Iowans that are food insecure.

The Food Bank of Iowa is a private non-profit, but councils Iowans toward government assistance programs if they need it. And they help meet food needs of half the state with 375 partner agencies.

Ernst is on the Senate Agriculture Committee, which is preparing the negotiations for the 2018 farm bill. She says the committee is educating themselves on what challenges their states face on food security.

Ernst says, "Whether it's dollar limitations, whether it's resource limitations. How do we address those upcoming in the farm bill. What is the best way to proceed? And that's why we come out to places like the food bank of Iowa. We're reaching out to other groups. And we're making sure that we're taking that feedback, and then putting that together in a comprehensive package that can be presented to the Agriculture Committee."