Iowa Delegates Defend Drama They Helped Cause on Monday at RNC

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It’s time to catch up for Iowa's elected leaders and time to look forward for the Republican National Convention delegates.

The lunch menu at a Cleveland grill offered plans to get the country moving. What happened after lunch the day before had some delegates gauging what they could stomach.

“Our goal had nothing to do with trying to defeat Mr. Trump,” said Marlys Popma, National Republican Delegate, Kellogg. "Our goal was trying to make the process better for conservatives in the future.”

Popma is a longtime conservative who's not so sure Trump really is one. She was part of a handful of Iowa delegates pushing Trump's campaign and party leaders to change the rules of the national convention.

One idea was to have closed primaries so only Republicans can vote, not Independents and Democrats, leaving a better chance to elect a real conservative in her mind.

Word spread through the convention arena that Iowa delegates stormed off when that effort failed.

“There wasn't an Iowa walk off,” said Iowa Congressman Steve King.

Congressman King says that to anyone who'll listen. King does wish Trump's people would have listened better to delegates and at least allowed a vote on their ideas.

“It would have been wise for the Trump people to allow the vote because I believe they would have prevailed,” said King.

What's done is done for one longtime activist who hasn't been a longtime Trump fan.

“Everyone’s got opinions on everything right,” said Craig Williams, Alternate Republican Delegate, Manning. “But as far as I can tell at this point, it`s a fairly unified group. We`re going to support the candidate and the candidate truly is Trump.”

However, Popma still has some heartburn on what her party's served up.

“I've made peace that I don't want Hillary Clinton,” said Popma.

Channel 13 Political Director reports from Cleveland in the video above.