Iowa Delegation Unhappy About Joni Ernst’s Speech Getting Pushed Back

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CLEVELAND, Ohio, -- The Republican National Convention was supposed to give Iowa Senator Joni Ernst one of the biggest moments of her career.

She still got the national stage but many people never got to see it, and there remains widespread unhappiness with the Iowa delegation in Cleveland for a few reasons.

Ernst was supposed to speak at 9:36 (CT) but didn't go on until 45 minutes later after the networks broke away from coverage, meaning potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people missed Ernst's speech.

If Ernst was disappointed, she didn't show it Tuesday.

At one point, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad left his seat and walked toward the stage pointing to his watch. He did it because Trump's foreign policy and retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn kept going on and on, leading the crowd in anti-Clinton chants.

Branstad wanted him to stop and the whole setup seemed off.

Melanie Trump's the big speaker, she should have ended the night and keep others short and on time.

In the end, that meant Ernst got pushed back, missed some of the spotlight, but still tried to make the case Clinton isn't the best for President, Trump is.