RAGBRAI Not the Only Famous Bike Ride in Iowa

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MINEOLA, Iowa -- This year, RAGBRAI Riders may get an extra ride if they just come a little early. The Taco Ride is billed as the oldest and largest weekly bike ride in the country.

Each Thursday night, riders leave Council Bluffs for a 10-mile ride to Tobey Jacks in Mineola. There they are served tacos, before turning around and riding 10 miles back.

The ride gained some national attention when a TV commercial promoting Jennie O Turkey was made serving turkey tacos on the Taco Ride

"It was great and helped out a lot getting maximum exposure for the taco ride,” said Bill Good, owner of Toby and Jacks. "The taco ride did benefit from that, our Facebook jumped up to over 9,000 likes.”

“It's really grown I'd say the last 10 or 15 years,” said Mike Heenan, who has ridden the Taco Ride for 20 years. “It's just a fun bunch of people, never any problem.”

Mineola is located just a few miles from the town of Glenwood, where RAGBRAI will originate from.

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