Urban Farmers Feeling Effects of Intense Rainfall Tuesday

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- During the hours of intense rainfall Tuesday in the metro, some decided to drive daringly.

"There were a couple of cars going through it, some of them making it, generally bigger trucks," said Lars Backstrom. "There was another car stalled in the middle of the road. I decided to take my chances, I did not come out so lucky."

Backstrom was determined to not let a little rain get in the way of his commute down Merle Hay Road. When asked why he gave it a shot, backstrom replied with one phrase: “YOLO”

The rains didn’t just stall out cars in the street; they`ve also stalled out urban farmers tending their crops.

Farmers at Dogpatch Urban Gardens in Des Moines had to put everything on pause in order to deal with thousands of gallons of water in their plot.

“I came out to the plot and had my pumps going and was trying to get the water out. I was pretty defeated,” said farmer Jenny Quiner.

Quiner, her husband, and a neighbor had already pumped out 400 gallons of water and say it didn’t make a dent.

“You know, it`s part of farming, you`re a creature of the weather," said Quiner. "It`s unfortunate, and we`ll get through, but it just kinda takes the wind out of your sails for a little bit."

The farm provides fresh produce for farmers markets and local farm to table restaurants, and though they harvested Monday night, they now will have to re-plant some of their crops.

“So this week we should be good to go, I would say next week and the week after that`ll be where the hiccups arise, but i just communicate with the chefs and the customers and they understand, we can`t do anything to control this rain.” said Quiner.