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America’s Renewable Future Pushes to Keep Renewable Fuels in Spotlight at RNC

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Breakfast at a Cleveland hotel on Wednesday was all about fueling up for the Iowa delegates.

It started with a two-time presidential candidate who all but moved to Iowa to impress caucusgoers in the past decade.

“There are folks on the other side who would like to replace this industry and replace it with oil,” said Rick Santorum.

Santorum is finished running for president, we think. He's not finished praising the state's renewable fuels industry.

It almost sounds like he'd drink the stuff, not quite, but he does now get paid to tell you to fill up on it.

"Just so you know, I actually approached, I've never done this,” said Santorum. “I actually approached them and said, I want to help you guys because I think this is important for our country.”

So does Tim Albrecht, who'll proudly wear his support.

“Educate delegates and ensure they know America’s success story of renewable fuels,” said Albrecht.

Sounds like a plan, right? He gathered up his green-shirted, walking billboards in Des Moines and loaded them up for the 10-hour drive to Cleveland Sunday.

However, the RV didn't even make it onto I-80.

“The RV started shaking,” said Albrecht. “We smelled some burning. We pulled off and saw a little smoke, stuck in the middle of nowhere.”

It was a broken axle. No mechanic could fix it anytime soon, and good luck finding some other wheels.

“Next week is RAGBRAI, every cargo van in the area is rented,” said Albrecht.

He tried 15 places, but those blasted two-wheeled travelers took all the available four wheelers for support. Well, except for one.

“We got the last minivan in Iowa City,” said Albrecht. “No idea what kind of fuel and actually opened up the cap to fill and it was E-85!”

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