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ARL Working With Polk County Health Department to Provide Cooling Places for Pets

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The Animal Rescue League says it's working with the Polk County Health Department to provide places for people to temporarily bring their pets to cool off.

Owners can also dial 211 to find a safe and cool place for their pets.

In temperatures like these, ARL encourages owners to bring their outside pets inside and avoid walks during the hottest parts of the day.

"We also recommend to touch the concrete with your hand and your bare feet so you know exactly what the dog is going to be stepping on," said Stephanie Filer of ARL. "It`s a really prime time of the year for dog pads to get burned on the concrete and we can definitely avoid that."

The ARL says if anyone ever sees a distressed animal outside or in an unattended car, they should act immediately and call animal control at 283-4811.

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