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Food Truck Owners Work Through Heat in Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Being outside is not a place most people want to be, unless it's your source of income.

"Any position that you put in a catering or a food truck, it`s going to be hot," said Tom Ferin.

Ferin runs a local food truck, Ferinheit, and says the irony of the name isn't lost on him.

"Fahrenheit was a play on words with our last name being Ferin," he said. "It played hand and hand because the oven is 900 degrees, which is about what it feels like today."

For hours, Ferin stood in front of his 900-degree oven slinging pizza's to guests attending the second annual "Out to Lunch" event at Mercy's College of Health Sciences.

"It is hot, you just have to drink a lot of water, unfortunately, I'm not in the shade a lot you just have to do what you can to drink the water," said Ferin.

The baking sun makes being behind any hot surface, well, hot.

"The oil is running at 350, the griddle is probably close to that if not 400," said Renee Formaro. "So it`s pretty hot back there, especially on a day like today when it`s so muggy."

Formaro is also in the same boat, braving the heat for her business, Formaro Stuffed, but she says it comes with the territory.

"It`s hot, everything we do all season long is determined by the weather, hot, cold, rain so it`s just part of it," said Formaro.

Both vendors agree when they see people enjoying the food they prepared, it makes the heat a little more bearable.

"Everywhere we`re at everyone`s having a good time, it`s always a party, so it`s a blast to be out here," said Formaro.

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