Good Samaritans Across Des Moines Helping People Beat the Heat

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- During the Pokemon craze last week, Nate Beaird put out a cooler on the Open Bible Churches' campus and left a friendly note on a cooler full of water bottles saying, "Have a free water and happy hunting."

So Wednesday, he figured he'd do the same, but this time put the cooler at a nearby bus stop.

"We have a couple bus stops on our property," Beaird said. "'I just know that I wouldn`t want to be sitting out here without something cold to drink."

But someone took advantage of his generosity.

"About 45 minutes after I put it up, somebody called me and said 'was that your ice cooler out there by the bus stop?' I said 'yeah' and they said 'well somebody just loaded it up in their truck and took it,'" Beaird said.

The same thing has happened in the past to Fleet Feet Sports.

"We have had a couple stolen which is kind of sad," said Andy Roat, owner of Fleet Feet Sports Des Moines.

Roat says that's why his business now puts locks on its water jugs, like the one on MLK and 16th.

"We do it to serve the runners, walkers, and bikers in the Des Moines community," Roat said. "Des Moines has such a great community for runners and walkers and it`s just an easy way for us to serve them and keep them hydrated."

The water jug helped keep these landscapers hydrated so they could work.

"I`m very thankful because we were both thinking about going back, getting a drink, but it`s right here so helped us out a lot," said Blake Borchers of Kaldenberg's PBS Landscaping.

The heat did not keep concertgoers away, as Evan and Matt Martin came from Cedar Rapids to see Atlas Genius and Bear Hands at Wooly's. They showed up hours before the doors opened.

Sitting on a bench, even under a tree in the shade, was uncomfortable for them.

Suzan Pickard came from Omaha to see the concert and used an umbrella to try and stay cool.

"If you use one that`s not black, it gets really hot underneath, but the black ones for some reason don`t get that hot so it really helps," Pickard said. :Especially when you`re waiting for hours and hours and hours."

Some of those dedicated concert goers had been out there since noon.

Doors didn't open until 6:30 p.m.

The only thing they had going for them was a breeze.

The concertgoers say even in the heat, it's worth it. They also say they got to see band members walking to and from their tour buses.

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