Snow Cone, Ice Cream Stands Suffer in Heat

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Too hot for a snow cone? That seems to be the case around the metro on Wednesday.

“It`s super humid and super hot so I think most people are staying inside, which is kind of a bummer for me because I really like to have more people come and get good business,” said Tropical Sno employee Sarah Anderson.

Anderson says during her day shift at Tropical Sno she sees about 80 customers, but with temperatures that feel like they're in the hundreds she saw about 20.

The customers that do show up to brave the heat are taking their snow cones to go.

“Since we have little girls and they want to be outside, they don`t want to be inside the house. They want to be outside so we bring them over here to get distracted a little bit; just some ice cream and fast, and let's go inside again,” said Maria Cervantes.

Snookies in Beaverdale found business was a bit better with the store cool enough inside for employees to wear sweatshirts.

“Reagan wanted to eat outside instead of eating inside and I knew that we would have a big mess if we ate outside. We have a big enough mess in here,” said customer Cynthia Steidl Bishop.

Employees say they missed prime ice-cream selling weather by quite a bit.

“Usually. it`s like the upper 70s and like the 80s. The 90s usually people don`t really want to get out of their house,” said Katie Crisman, one of the workers.

“We just do all inside stuff, but when she wants to go outside that`s when we have a problem because it looks so nice out until we go outside and it`s so hot. In fact, they didn`t go outside today in school,” said Steidl Bishop.

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