Thin Blue Line Creating a Thick Bond For Police and Knoxville Residents

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa -- Simple, subtle and strong.

"The thin blue line represents the camaraderie between officers and their protection over the community," said Brynn Phillps of Knoxville.

Armed with a spray can and a cardboard cutout, Knoxville third grade teacher Brynn Phillips and a group of volunteers are sending a message to local law enforcement.

She said, "We just want them to know we are behind them and we support them."

She first learned of the Safe Harbor Initiative online.

"I actually saw it last week on facebook. Basically the initiative is to paint thin blue lines on curbs to show support for law enforcement."

Now it's spreading rapidly in Knoxville.

Brynn said, "We have roughly 175 on our list currently. On our way over here I checked my email and I had nine new emails in the last hour."

All at a time when many police departments may need it most.

"There`s a lot of negativity surrounding the profession, so I thought this would be a great way to show them that not all of us feel that way and many of us are backing them," said Brynn.

It's quickly caught the attention of the town`s Chief of Police Dan Losada.

"When you are driving around and see that little blue line, it's going to remind you of the good things that are happening too and it's gotta be a boost to us."

Now he hopes it can catch the attention of visitors at Knoxville's largest event of the year, the 56th annual 5 Hour Energy Knoxville Nationals.

"Tens of thousands of people pass through town.  I'm hoping someone sees it and takes the idea back to their home community and this can spread across the country," said Chief Losada.

The line may be thin but Brynn believes the bond each mark leaves behind is thick.  "It's heartwarming to see that there truly are that many families in our community that are supporting our law enforcement officers."

Brynn will continue to add blue lines to homes in Knoxville through the weekend.

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