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Biden Wishes His ‘BFF’ Obama a Happy Birthday

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WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden wished President Barack Obama a happy birthday Thursday, tweeting, “Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever,” along with an image of a friendship bracelet, with beads that spell out “Joe” and “Barack.”

The bracelet picture in the tweet is based on the one that Obama wove while appearing in the “5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote” Buzzfeed video in June.

Twitter says this is the vice president’s most retweeted tweet.

First lady Michelle Obama also took to Twitter to wish her husband of 23 years well on his special day.

“55 years young and that smile still gets me every single day. Happy birthday, Barack. I love you,” the first lady tweeted, along with a picture of the couple.

Former President Bill Clinton wished Obama a happy birthday and made light of how much attention the former President got playing with balloons at the Democratic National Convention last week.