New Fair Food: ‘Not Your Mamma’s Tacos’

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DES MOINES, Iowa – One of the newest foods at the 2016 Iowa State Fair is showcasing some of Iowa’s poultry.

The Not Your Mamma’s Taco is among three dishes competing in the new food competition. Ice Cream Nachos and The Pride of Iowa wrap are also in the running.

The “Not Your Mamma’s Taco” starts with a golden, crispy deep-fried flour tortilla. A layer of tender shredded and perfectly seasoned turkey is added to anchor the tortilla. Then fresh homemade veggie slaw is added to give the taco a creamy crunch. The taco is then topped with a sweet mango salsa to add color and a spicy sweet finish.

You can find the tacos at the Iowa Turkey Federation Stand west of the Anne and Bill Riley Stage. Each Taco will run you $5.

This exciting concoction came out of a typically boring setting, a board meeting.

“We were sitting in a meeting at the Iowa Turkey Federation and we have regular tacos, with shredded turkey, cheese and lettuce. Sheila, decided to put her good coleslaw on top of a taco and that’s how it was born,” said Hailey Grant, Iowa Turkey Federation. “We said WOW this is awesome we can do it at the State Fair.”

The creators at the stand boast that this is not only tasty but healthy.

“To be on the Healthy Choices list, you have to be under 600 calories. We do that. It’s low on sodium, low on carbs and with all the fried food we were on the calorie count,” said Grant.