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Husband and Wife Shaken After Car Slams into Home

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Mary Lou and Jerry walker were hanging paintings in their home when they heard the crash.

“It sounded like an artillery round went off,” said Jerry.

“I immediately went to the front door and I opened it and people were running down Hubbell already,” said his wife Mary Lou.

“When we got out, there were already people trying to get the girl out, they looked awful, young,” said Jerry sullenly.

Despite the pizza and can of Pepsi on her lap, Mary Lou says she’s lost her appetite since the event that killed 18-year-old Kyaus Davenport, and sent his passenger to the hospital.

“Your stomach doesn`t growl and you really don`t want to eat anything. It was a terribly sad day just because of the death,” Mary Lou said. “This will be repaired,” she said referencing the house, “I won`t have a three season room again. I`ll be afraid to sit in it. Not by a street,” she said.

The couple says this is not the first time they've seen a crash on the corner of Hubbell and East Sheridan Avenue.

“We`ve had portions of our fence down three times or four, the telephone pole at the corner of our property was split off and hung over our garage, and we have had the stop sign knocked down several times and tire prints in our yard,” Mary Lou said, listing the accidents.

The husband and wife say something needs to be done to slow down cars coming through the downhill curve their property sits next to, and it should have been done a long time ago.

“If not speed bumps I`d like to see a concrete or high way wall or something put up there.” said Jerry.

“I mean there was a death, it`s a shame. There`s a death and maybe now someone will come up with a solution,” finished Mary Lou.