State Fair Winning Cowchip Throw Traveled 84 Feet and 9 Inches

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Wednesday is Older Iowan’s Day at the Iowa State Fair. Many older Iowans and those of all ages were on Heritage Hill today for the annual Cow Chip Throwing Contest.

The Media Division contest this year went to Michael Christiansen, Promotions Director at KIOA Radio. He had a toss of 84 feet and nine inches. Some thought he may have scratched going over the white line when he released the chip. A video replay showed the 2016 champ appeared to have stayed behind the line.

"Sidearm, you got to go sidearm, nice flat piece like skipping a rock across the lake,” Said Christiansen. "I got third the first year, I got fifth last year.”

Defending Champion Kyle Munson of the Des Moines Register was foiled after his chip struck a tree branch.

"It's kind of disappointing but what are you going to do,” said Munson. "I'm going to have to come down, sneak into the fairgrounds, and cut down the tree that would stop me from getting my second consecutive championship.”

This year, the Butter Cow has gotten positive reviews not only on the cow but on the Star Trek Sculptures to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Some are thinking about what the Iowa State Fair could next sculpt in butter.

"I think would be fun to do like a little forest scene, forest animals and some deer, some trees or something that would be cool,” said Natalie Knudson of Ames

Josh Felger of Carlisle said, "I'd like to see Star Wars for the Iowa State Fair. I think that be really cool, I'm more of a Star Wars fan  than I am Star Trek."

Mary Ostrowski of Huntington Beach, California, grew up in Des Moines and comes back each summer to meet her siblings at the fair.

"Do a state capital, that be a good one,” said Ostrowski. "Maybe other historical buildings around Des Moines or just around Iowa in general.”

Each year the Iowa Egg Council gives out “Eggs on a Stick,” hard-boiled eggs. People line up by the thousands in the Agriculture Building.

"Saturday we gave over 18,000 eggs while yesterday was only 12,000 but so far given over 89,000 eggs up until yesterday," said Peggy Warrick of Des Moines. She said last year the Egg Council handed out 147,000 eggs on a stick.

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