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Expert and Residents Weigh in on Recent Hit-and-Run, Leaving Scene of Accidents

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Police say Naomi MacDonald hit a six-year-old boy with her car Tuesday and left the scene.

On Wednesday, Channel 13 went to MacDonald’s house in Norwalk in hopes of speaking with her and her husband answered the door.

“I just I wish that things in the media were handled a little different than they are,” said Scott MacDonald. “Allow people to be innocent until proven guilty, and the media doesn`t allow that, unfortunately. So, I`m sorry, and it`s not your guys' fault, it`s just what happens.”

Namoi’s side will have to wait as Channel 13’s request for an interview was declined.

However, Channel 13 did find someone in Norwalk who feels sorry for Naomi.

“I would have empathy for this woman because I don`t know what was going through her head,” said Karen Danner. “She was probably terrified. Probably didn`t know what to do. Was probably confused, I would guess.”

Phyllis Hankins, on the other hand, does not share that empathy.

“I think it`s awful,” Hankins said. “I think it`s being irresponsible. I don`t think that people should get by with doing things like that.”

Drake Law Professor Robert Rigg says panic is a natural reaction.

“Anybody who`s ever been in an accident, even a minor accident knows how fast that occurs and people react differently for different reasons,” said Rigg. “Some people just panic, and they don`t know what to do, they stop, and they fret over what just happened. Sometimes they`ll panic and leave and just go on."

Whatever the reason is, police say it's never OK.

“I really understand the panic sets in sometimes but the best thing to do is always stop and stay there. Accountability is key to minimizing the consequences down the road,” said Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek.

Police say that's especially true when someone`s injured, as in this case. The law requires you render what aid you can.

Police say the child is expected to recover but did suffer serious injuries.

MacDonald is charged with an aggravated misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of up two years in prison.

According to Iowa Courts Online, in 2012, Naomi MacDonald pleaded guilty to failure to stop in assured cleared distance.

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