Remodeled Student Center Opening Soon at DMACC

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ANKENY, Iowa -- Class starts for the 17,000 students at Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny campus on Thursday. When they arrive, they will have to maneuver around some construction but not for long.

“It’s just like Christmas. You know it’s coming, you know it’s coming. You wanna shake the box,” said Dr. Laurie Wolf, Dean of Student Services with DMACC. “I saw a student yesterday peeking through the windows and he’s like ‘when can I get in, when can I get in?’”

On September 6th, students will finally get to open the newly remodeled Student Center.

“I’d like to have a few more restaurants here, ya know,” said Bryan Stamper, student.

Stamper will be happy because the new building has four new restaurants.

“Sometime students want to hang out and just have something to have fun with or relax,” said student Jennifer Trimnell.

Trimnell will be happy because there will be a dozen new work spaces with comfy chairs and new T.V’s.

“This has been needed for a long, long time,” says Wolf, as she leads a tour of the new facility.

The new 75,000 square foot facility has everything a student could ever need. A new theater that seats 250 people, new couches and chairs, a huge conference space. and even a lactation room.

“This gives them a sense of a part of a real college community, not just driving in to class and leaving as soon as class is over,” said Wolf.

When it’s all said and done the improvements will cost over $40 million. Dr. Wolf says it will be worth every penny as it connects the students.

“We want them to get the college experience that a lot of them really desire,” said Wolf.