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Mingo Woman’s Facebook ‘Thank You’ to State Trooper Goes Viral

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NEWTON, Iowa - There were no "Thank God It's Friday" feelings in the air for Mingo resident Regina Majerus when her car fell victim to a flat tire on the way into Newton Friday for some baby supplies.

"I started to cry, because I'm still on the Interstate, and there's semis driving by me. They're almost hitting my car, they're that close," she said. "I looked behind me and there's a state trooper behind me and I'm like, 'Oh no.' I pulled out my license and registration, and proof of insurance, because I don't know what's going to happen now!"

Majerus' road-side assistance from her insurance company apparently didn't exist - to her surprise; waiting on a $75 tow-truck for two hours on the Interstate didn't seem like a fun Friday afternoon, either. But fortunately, that state trooper wasn't making a traffic stop. Rather, he was there to help.

"Typically when I see someone broke down or something like that, I start with my signature phrase, I've seen you had better days," Iowa State Trooper Jave Colburn said.

Colburn's own tools couldn't get the job done, so he made a call to Barney's Towing in Newton. The business jumped on the pay-it-forward bandwagon with a free tire change for Majerus, in practically no time.

"I'm honestly going to say it was Godsend," she said.

Majerus didn't know how else to thank Colburn and Barney's other than spreading the good news on social media. And that took off like wildfire, with more than 700 shares and nearly 4,000 likes by Saturday night.

"And with all the, you know, hate going towards all the police officers in the world today, just something positive needed to be said," she said.

The enormous positive response online warms Colburn's heart, but he says he'd be lying if he acted surprised.

"You do see a lot of stuff being covered about negativity with law enforcement, but I tell you, working here in Iowa it's been great," he said. "The people of Iowa are awesome. I worked the first week of the state fair and I cannot tell you how many people came up to us and said, 'Hey, thanks for what you do.'"

Because at the end of the day, when you live in Iowa, these kind of things just come with the territory.

"You go to some other places and you can always tell when someone's from Iowa, they're always waving," he said. "So, it's great to be an Iowan, it's Iowa Nice, it's what we do."

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