Democratic Leaders Attend Second Annual Corn Feed Rally

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It wouldn't be an Iowa event if sweet corn wasn't involved.

The 2nd annual Progress Iowa: Corn Feed not only focused on corn but on the importance of progressive political issues.

Former presidential candidate, Martin O’Malley headlined the event, stressing the issue of social equality and  calling out Donald Trump’s effort to try and attract minority voters .

“I think he is very much aware that his racist rhetoric offends people in the once proud party of Lincoln,” he said. “I think it’s far too late in this process for Donald trump to change his racist spots. He's been pretty clear from the get go.”

On Sunday, O’Malley spoke alongside several of state democratic leaders discussing issues  like minimum wage and equality at the Simon Estes Amphitheater.

“This may very well be the most important election of our lifetime,” says Jim Mower, 3rd congressional district candidate. “We`re very lucky to live in a swing state. Our votes matter.”

Former Lieutenant Governor and State Secretary of Agriculture, Patty Judge, attacked US Senator Chuck Grassley on his lack of action in the senate over the past eight years.

“There are so many issues before us today and yet we are not paying any attention to them,” she told the crowd.

Speakers stressed the importance of the next 72 days before the election for undecided Iowa voters. According to a recent real clear politics national poll shows Hillary Clinton is leading trump 48 - percent to 42 - percent. O’Malley believes after the first presidential debate her lead will increase due to her stronger debating skills and vision for the country. The debate is scheduled for September 26 th.