Volunteers Needed to Help Transport Cancer Patients To, From Treatments

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Shary Blue is off to her last appointment for her cancer Wednesday, and Dave Berven has been there every step of the way.

"About two years ago, I was deciding to do some meaningful and important volunteer work," Berven said.

A former cancer patient himself, Berven signed up to become a volunteer driver through the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program. He's given Blue a ride to her treatments for the past six weeks - something she says she couldn't have gone without.

"Can't go by bus if you're not feeling well, and you can't really go by cab - they're not going to wait in the room for you," she said. "So just the fact that you were waiting for me, and that it's door-to-door service, is just wonderful! I mean it really helped."

Wednesday, Blue gave Berven a "Thank You" card for his kindness. He's been more than just a ride for her; he's been a friend.

"And I was going to quit many times," she said. "But you encouraged me to continue, so thank you - thank God for you!"

But the American Cancer Society needs more drivers to volunteer; last year, they gave about 900 rides in Iowa. This year, they're already over 1,000 rides.

"Because I knew that I would have a good ride there and back, it helped me keep going - because radiation was not fun, let me tell you," Blue said.

Blue is looking forward to living a healthy and happy life after this appointment. Berven just can't wait to help another patient start their own road to recovery.

"I just wish I would have done it sooner, because I get an awful lot out of this," he said.