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Free Little Library ‘Theft’ Has Residents Reminding You to be Courteous

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Free Little Library Theft

URBANDALE, Iowa – Some residents in Urbandale are concerned about a book theft – although it was from a Free Little Library.

Residents near 64th Street in Urbandale complained about a person driving up to the Free Little Library stationed there and taking nearly every book inside. The libraries scattered across the Metro are meant to provide free reading materials for children and adults, but the idea doesn’t include taking every book available. The owners of the house that set up the library say they replaced most of the books and hope people remember to be courteous when using the libraries.

“The idea is to take a book and leave a book,” said Jade Hulse, who lives at the property that set up the library. “They don’t necessarily have to be at the same time – they can take one and then bring it back, or bring back a different book later. But we didn’t really expect someone to take a bunch of the books at the same time, and then I don’t think they gave them back.”

Free Little Libraries are individually organized by residents who want to place on in their yard for public use.

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