Urbandale Couple Celebrates 75 Years of Marriage

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URBANDALE, Iowa - Bill and Minnie Mills are celebrating 75 years of love Friday, and they say one thing hasn't changed all this time.

"My love for her," Bill said.

The Mills now live together at Karen Acres Healthcare Center in Urbandale. Bill, 95-years-old, is a World War II veteran. Minnie is 96-years-old, and never forgets to tell her husband to "Drink your milk!" each morning at breakfast. The two of them say they can't exactly recall where they met, but they're sure glad they did.

"She's an angel in my book," Bill said.

"What?," Minnie asked.

"I said, you're in an angel in my book," Bill replied.

"Oh, well that was nice to say," she laughs.

The couple are celebrating their 75 years of commitment with a party Friday afternoon among family and friends. It's not just a celebration of love - it's a celebration of peace, according to Bill.

"We've never fought all these years," he said.