GoFundMe Campaign Successful, West Des Moines Girl Gets Adaptive Bicycle

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In June we told you about Lilly; a girl who needed a special bike.

The seven year-old was born four months early, suffering from cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The $7,000 GoFundMe goal to get her the adaptive bicycle she desperately wanted seemed out of reach, until you saw the story.

“It just exploded, like it was just one donation after the other and they were getting bigger and bigger. It`s Iowa nice, very much so” said mother Sara Frank.

Now the bike is here and the Franks are eternally grateful, because for Lilly, it's far more than bike; it may keep her out of a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

“It keeps her muscles moving and keeps them strong, so as she grows she’ll have more movement” said mother Tara Frank.

The bike had already been delivered, but Lilly didn’t know.

“We wanted everybody to be able to enjoy it and everybody who helped push her campaign, we wanted them to be here and just see the look on her face when she sees the bike” said Sara.

What a look it was, Lilly gasped when she saw the bike, Tara and Sara strapped her in for a ride she will never forget.

As Sara and Lilly pedaled down the street for their first ride, her sister Mia rode along next to the.

“There’s so many things that Lilly can’t really do, and so this is one thing that we will be able to take them and do. Just let them go play and be girls” said Tara.

The owners of the salon that started the campaign, Bombshell Betty’s were on-hand; just as happy as anyone.

“It’s just awesome to see all the hard work for everybody, the stylists put in on it, the donors, the corporate sponsors, we got some companies to help us with the events so it`s cool to see that all come to an end and see a little girl`s face sum it up with 'it was amazing'” said the salon’s co-owner Dan Frye.

“This is the best day ever!” shouted Lilly.