Trump Rips Clinton, Calls Her Email Controversy ‘Far Bigger Scandal Than Watergate’

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CLIVE, Iowa -- Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, stuck to the script Tuesday during a speech from a Teleprompter in Clive, and hopes his new criticism of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's controversial email system sticks, too.

"Horrible, horrible," Trump said of Tuesday's developments in Washington, D.C., when three of Clinton's IT specialists refused to tell a House Oversight Committee the details of the server and email system Clinton had staff set up for her use at the family home in New York while she was Secretary of State.

"Will anything happen?" Trump said to a crowd of about 1,600 at 7 Flags Event Center. "Hillary Clinton’s actions are far more corrupt than we ever imagined...This is far bigger and a far bigger scandal than Watergate ever was."

The Watergate scandal took down President Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace. Clinton, on the other hand, has never been charged of any crime. The FBI Director James Comey called her handling of classified information "extremely careless." The scandal has seemed to hurt Clinton's standing with Americans, with a majority not considering her to be honest.

Yvonne Brandt, of Norwalk, and Connie Whitaker, of Grimes, are Independents who back Donald Trump.

Yvonne Brandt, of Norwalk, and Connie Whitaker, of Grimes, are Independents who back Donald Trump.

Yvonne Brandt of Norwalk and Connie Whitaker of Grimes cheered on Trump's remarks and share his criticism of Clinton. Both say they consider themselves political Independents and believe Clinton represents too much of what is wrong with Washington, D.C. these days. Brandt also considers Clinton a continuation of what she doesn't like with President Barack Obama. "This is a great country," she said, "What I have seen the last eight years is not great. I'm looking to Donald Trump to change that because I'm very proud of my country."

Whitaker sees a dire future if Americans choose Clinton over Trump. "It's America's last hope," she said, "He's the only one who can change what's going on in this country. We're headed in the wrong direction. Not national security. We have nothing unless he gets in. So they (voters) better wake up!"