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DMACC Offering New Training Methods to Iowa Police Officers

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ANKENY, Iowa -- Kari Olson works in the crime scene unit for the Waukee Police Waukee Department and she knows better than most, how important it is to go by the book.

“There’s a lot of minute processes. It’s very import to pay close attention to detail,” said Kari Olson with the Waukee Police Department.

Olson and dozens of law enforcement officials from the state will brush up on their skills during the Forensics and Public Safety Conference at Des Moines Area Community College Thursday.

”We never stop learning,” said Steve Miller, professor at DMACC. “There are always different ways of doing things.”

Martin is one of the lead instructors of the conference and he will be teaching a variety of items. The agenda will focus around how police officers and law enforcement can better serve victims of violence. The sessions include minority group relations, interviewing children, and human trafficking. While all the topics won’t apply to each officer, they believe each topic is pivotal to doing a good job.

“I haven’t dealt too much with human tracking or interviewing children. That is just a variety of topics that I can gain knowledge in,” said Olsen.

All of the sessions deal with handling situations that require extreme sensitivity like sexual assault victims, violent crimes, and children. Martin hopes that each attendee walks out with a better understand of how sensitivity can help these officers do their job better.

“For instance, interviewing children that have been a witness to a crime and picking up on deceptive behaviors,” said Martin.

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