Deluge Causes Flash Flooding in Ames

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AMES, Iowa – Residents in Ames are dealing with flooding after a long night of rain. City officials say some areas of the city got upwards of five inches of rainfall Thursday night in to Friday morning .

After a dry period, another round of rain began in Ames just before 6:00 a.m.

Flooding from Squaw Creek affected parks and other low-lying areas of the city. Heavy rains caused street flooding and manhole covers in some areas were popped off by the rushing water. Dayton and 13th flooded and there was also flooding on 16th Street and 24th Street.

Officials say about a dozen homes suffered flood damage and 15 cars became stranded in flood waters.

A power outage was reported in the east part of Ames.

“We always encourage residents that if they see standing water on roadways to not drive into that standing water. Turn around and avoid that because you never can be sure what is underneath the roadway or how deep the water actually is,” said Brian Phillips, Assistant City Manager, Ames.

If you need to report damage or hazardous conditions, you’re advised to call the Ames Police Department at (515) 239-5133. Do not call 911 or police seeking information on road conditions as they’ll be busy handling emergency calls.