The Community of Shell Rock Has Been Here Before With 2008 Flood

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SHELL ROCK, Iowa -- The big story in the Shell Rock area Friday is how to get from Point A to Point B because flood waters are covering so many roads.

Many of the bridges around Shell Rock are closed because of the flooding. Local officials are concerned about keeping the main bridge in Shell Rock open .

Many here are comparing this flood to 2008. Most agree the water is higher this time.  Friday around mid-day Butler County Emergency Management got word that the river here is cresting today.

One homeowner is filling his basement with clean water in hopes of pressurizing it and keeping the dirty flood water from the Shell Rock River out.

"The idea is letting all that dirty nasty water from outside gets in and possibly does some damage to the structure," said Blake Wilson. We'll try to fill it with clean water, because water is getting in no matter what."

Highway 3 between County Road T55, near Clarksville, and US 218 is closed because floodwaters are pouring over the road.