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Cedar Falls Cleaning Up After Flood

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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- The Cedar River crested in Cedar Falls on Saturday, and now the water is going down so that some residents can get back into their homes.

In the low-lying area called North Cedar, which is north of downtown, the river water was staying up in that neighborhood.

"It's the second highest flood ever 2 feet below what they predicted," said John Benton, who lives in the North Cedar Neighborhood. "Still plenty high for a lot of the residents, filling basements, damage on first floor on a number of houses."

The problem was river flood water got stuck behind a small neighborhood dike and could not get out. Benton,  who owns and excavating business, made a few temporary holes that allowed water to escape.

"Popped a hole in the flood control dike," said Benton.  "It's going to be a temporary thing to drain the rest of the street because the water was stagnant."

Some basements are flooded, and some homes got water up into the main floor.

Other residents got only water in the basement and not on the main floor. They are thankful the water did not come higher.