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Ted Cruz ‘happy to help’ Donald Trump Campaign

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is willing to lend a hand to Donald Trump, he said Tuesday.

Asked by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt whether he’d be willing to campaign for Trump or help with his debate prep, the former Trump nemesis was on board. He formally endorsed the Republican nominee in a Facebook post last Friday.

“I am happy to help. I have conveyed that to them. I will do whatever I can to defeat Hillary Clinton,” Cruz said, adding that he is equally focused on preserving a Republican majority in the Senate.

“I’m going to do everything I can to urge conservatives to come out and vote, even if they may not be thrilled at the candidates on the ballot. I’m urging them to come out and vote anyway, because the consequences of staying home, I think, are really quite significant.”

Trump’s former rival praised his “strong” debate performance, calling Clinton “tired” and “formulaic.”

“I thought it was a very strong debate. I thought Hillary did not have a good performance. I think throughout the night, she was tired, she was formulaic. The entire debate from Hillary was more Washington as usual. And every proposal she advanced was another big government solution that isn’t working, that is failing. And I thought Donald had the strongest debate performance he’s had in this election cycle,” the Texas senator said.

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