Iowa’s Tana Goertz Denies Charges Trump Inappropriate Off-Camera

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Tana Goertz became a national name thanks to her appearance on NBC's hit reality show, "The Apprentice." She said she never witnessed claims revealed in an Associated Press story Monday that the show's host, Donald Trump--now the Republican Party's presidential nominee--made inappropriate remarks about female contestants and crew.

The story cites show employees who claimed Trump made comments about women's breast sizes and whether he would sleep with them. Goertz, who finished as a runner-up on the show in 2005, disputed the claims. "Never once was he not professional with me," Goertz said on WHO Radio Monday morning, "He never made a pass at me, nor anyone in my season."

Listen to Goertz's comments here. (They begin 12 minutes and 30 seconds into the interview.)

Goertz, who is paid by the Trump presidential campaign as a senior adviser, said there were nine female contestants during her time on the show. "Never once did he say anything inappropriate," she recalled.

While Goertz fully supported Trump about these claims, she did admit she wishes Trump would change his focus during his presidential campaign. Goertz would like to see Trump talk more about the economy and his plans for the future, rather than former President Bill Clinton's infidelity and the weight of a former Miss Universe contestant. "He gets a little bit off course sometimes when he wants to go down that road," Goertz said, "When people provoke him down that road. He'll go a little further than I would like."