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‘Wild Music’ Exhibit Opens at Science Center of Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Some new and unique sounds will be coming out of the Science Center of Iowa over the next few months. “Wild Music” is the latest exhibit to open and will encourage your kids to be as loud as possible.

"We want them to be noisy and have fun. This is really a perfect integration of arts into science because we are talking about music and creativity," said Allison Schwanebeck, Director of Exhibits at the Science Center of Iowa.

Through sensory-stimulating activities, they'll not only hear the music that surrounds them every day, but see and even feel it, too. The exhibit offers three different soundscapes, where you can explore sound and music that comes from the city, the ocean, and the forest.

Kids will learn how to interpret what the sounds mean from animals. They will get to see samples of instruments from around the world, experiment with how sound travels underwater, and explore how music influences memory.

“Those scientific words of larynx, pharynx, and spectrograms -- that is not the more important thing. For me, it’s for them to realize that science is all around them,” said Schwanebeck. “You can be inspired to study it in a variety of different ways. It’s not just your hard sciences but it’s also those creative interesting paths that can tell us so much about the world around us.”

While the exhibit starts with listening, it closes with visitors creating some new noises.

The Jamming Room offers a soundproof practice studio where you can use pre-recorded audio soundscapes, animal voices, percussion instruments, and live vocals to compose your own songs.

The exhibit will run until May of 2017 and is included in the price of admission.