Greater Des Moines Partnership Increasing Central Iowa Recruiting Efforts

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Events like the Career Fair at ISU last September help to match international students with employers.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership says it wants to make central Iowa a welcoming place for people to be successful.

“We want them to know that we have great opportunities here and that we value them, we want them to come here to central Iowa,” said Mary Bontrager of the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

And this year, the Greater Des Moines Partnership is at it again and heavy into campus recruiting season in Iowa and in states across the country.

“This fall we kind of concentrated on the near eastern states, so Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin,” said Bontrager.

This spring, recruitment efforts will target other regions.

“Not just the graduates, more so than ever we`re interacting with freshman and sophomores,” she said.

They are encouraging students to look at internships, which many businesses consider a necessity.

“You don`t wait until the senior year to try and recruit the best, you bring them in internships and they get a chance to experience the business and the business gets a chance to kind of try them out,” she said.

With online, social media driven campaigns like CarpeDM, Seize Des Moines, the goal is to make the best case for central Iowa.

In doing so, it helps meet the needs of the workforce.

“We`re hitting some colleges and universities specific to certain disciplines, such as IT, engineering, business,” said Bontrager. “We can`t talk to an employer that doesn`t have concerns about their technology talent, everything from big data, security to just programming, software development.”

One of the key selling points the partnership likes to tout as a way to attract young urban professionals is that our region's fastest growing demographic is the age range between that of 25 to 34-year-olds.