Iowans Unfamiliar with Vice Presidential Candidates Ahead of Debate

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The first and only vice presidential debate takes place Tuesday night but not everyone will know who they are tuning in for.

A recent ABC poll revealed more than 40 percent of Americans didn’t recognize the candidates. Despite the lack of popularity, political experts say the debate is just as important as any other.

Kedron Bardwell, a political professor at Simpson College says the goal for the candidates tonight is to make clear their parties platforms and make right their shortcomings.

“The vice presidents are thought to be the attack dog and the first line of defense of the top of the ticket and I think their man job is to make the top of the ticket look more trustworthy.”

Experts say democratic vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine will reach out to women and millennials. While Pence is expected to clean up the controversy trump made at he’s first presidential debate.

“I think the candidates will showcase their competence but like most vice presidential debates this is going to be mostly about the  top of the ticket and arguing about their qualifications rather than the qualifications  of the vice presidential nominees ,” says Bardwell.